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Andrea Foster is a Christian mom, speaker, writer, and wife to Kirk. They live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada where they are parenting four teenagers among other things. Their two youngest are 15 year old twin girls who both have Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Andrea guest lectures at Bible Colleges and Seminaries, consults with and trains leaders for disability ministry, and writes articles for various publications. She holds her MSEd (Disability Studies/Ministry) BTh and ECE. Andrea is passionate about equipping leaders for ministry and empowering special needs parents for the battle.

Christmas 2015: Family Update

2018-02-04T08:33:39-04:00December 22nd, 2015|

Kirk & Me Dear Family & Friends, ​​​​​​ Dreams, hopes and expectations; we all have them. But we also have disappointments, tragedies, and pain, don’t we? We know that God is a giver of good gifts and He is continually surprising our family and blessing us in unexpected ways. Here are our [...]

Tolerance isn’t Love.

2018-02-04T08:35:28-04:00August 26th, 2014|

I think once we remove the word "tolerant", only then can we truly love as Jesus loves. If we ever find ourselves annoyed by, "disruptions", who happen to be people, we ought to look inward first. Otherwise we will only see such a, "disruption" as something to be removed, when what must be removed [...]

Trust and Obey

2018-02-04T08:34:34-04:00August 25th, 2014|

Let’s face it, disabilities are hard. Caring for my daughters who have tuberous sclerosis complex, epilepsy, autism and global developmental delay, is exhausting. I want them to be whole of course, but who am I to judge that their spiritual condition is not already whole in spite of the physical and cognitive limitations they [...]

I Messed Up

2018-02-04T08:36:41-04:00March 28th, 2014|

Last week I began to get discouraged again, as it seemed Annie was once again having seizures, and was lethargic and aggressive at times. It seems once we get her settled on a new drug or dose, she is good for a few weeks and then bam, downhill we go and we are troubleshooting [...]

Our Decade with Epilepsy and TSC-In Honour of March 26, Wear Purple for Epilepsy Day.

2018-02-04T08:37:55-04:00March 26th, 2014|

January 2004- My twin baby girls were 5 months old. I bit my lip hard in an effort not to cry. No one in that room knew that Annie was an identical twin. Nobody knew about Audrey, our other baby at home. The looks of shock on the medical team’s faces told me, this [...]

A Hallowed Welcome

2018-02-04T08:39:10-04:00October 23rd, 2013|

"This is what they do in Canada!" As a young Dutch immigrant my mom was thrilled with trick or treating. Treats were few in their home and a meal often consisted of bacon fat poured over potatoes. Halloween was not celebrated in Holland and the trick or treating  custom was fully embraced by my [...]


2018-02-04T08:40:24-04:00August 26th, 2013|

Ten years ago, my twins were entering this world. We expected them with great anticipation and after many ultrasounds, and some concern about their size difference,  the moment had finally arrived. Our baby girls made their entrance and all seemed perfect. We expected no less. I would like to say it was magical and [...]

More Than Memories

2018-02-04T08:42:04-04:00August 6th, 2013|

The phrase: "God doesn't give us more than we can handle" is twisted scripture. I believe God gives us what He can handle - we just have to be willing to let Him handle it. What does that mean? It means I am living a great life, in spite of chronic trial. This past [...]

Joy in Monotony

2018-02-04T08:43:05-04:00July 27th, 2013|

The jack hammer pounded the garage floor all day. Periodically, a saw blade screeched and the jack hammer took a brief rest. Next, the old floor was broken up and carried away by the bucket full, into the trailer and then driven to the landscape place and tossed into the awaiting pile. Saw, jack [...]

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